Kailash Kher
Kailash Kher

Kailash Kher visits PM Modi's souvenir exhibition at NGMA

ANI | Updated: Oct 01, 2019 22:41 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct 1 (ANI): Singer-composer Kailash Kher visited the exhibition displaying over 2,000 souvenirs given to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, organised at the National Gallery of Modern Art here.
All the displayed souvenirs are up for being auctioned online. Kailash also made a bid online for the painting of Lord Shiva which he defined to be a combination of all.
"Among these numerous surprises, I too made a bid in the e-auction for this painting," the singer said while pointing towards the mesmerising piece of art.
He went on to explain the reason behind choosing that particular mural saying, "The three points in trishul are an indication of the three loks - Patal, Prithvi and Akash. The drum attached in the Trishul is the source of music, the begetter of music."
Pointing towards the Hindu deity in the painting, he added that Lord Shiva is the "king of kings."
"This painting incorporates knowledge, heart and expression," Kailash said.
Commenting on the abundance of gifts presented to the PM, he added, "I believe he is a messenger of God. After coming here, what struck my mind was the fact that though India is home to a number of people, it is a bigger hub of love, which I clearly see here. These souvenirs are a show of how people express their love, admiration for the ones they love."
Apart from Kailash, a slew of other celebrities have also visited the exhibition.
The exhibition which kick-started on September 14 will wrap up a day after Gandhi Jayanti on October 3, after which people willing to buy any souvenirs will be allowed to take them home.
Earlier in February this year, over 1,800 gifts presented to PM Modi were sold. (ANI)