Vadodara court
Vadodara court

Kapil Dev, Govinda asked to compensate club fraud victims

ANI | Updated: Oct 24, 2018 12:17 IST

Vadodara (Gujarat) [India], Oct 24 (ANI): In an unprecedented development, the Vadodara consumer court has ordered cricketing legend Kapil Dev and film stars Govinda and Ravi Kishan to pay compensation to the 18 people who had registered a cheating case against a fake holiday club named Sunstar.
The celebrities, who were allegedly used by the club to lure the customers into taking the membership of Sunstar, are directed to pay Rs 15,000 each to the complainants.
The court further ordered the club owners, Raman Kapoor and Seema Kapoor, to return the entire amount collected from the customers along with an interest rate of nine per cent.
Expressing delight over the verdict, one of those who were duped, Snehal Shah, said that he is happy with the fact that the justice was delivered in the case. He further urged the public to always fight for what is right as "truth always prevails."
"Yes, we got justice. We are satisfied with the verdict. One should always fight for justice. Truth always prevails," Shah said.
While giving the details about the case, consumers' lawyer, PV Mojani, stated that if the offenders did not follow the court's orders within the next two months, a contempt of court case would be filed against them.
"The order should be followed with two months. In case the same is not followed, a contempt of court case would be filed against the offenders," Mojani said.
In 2016, Raman Kapoor and his wife Seema Kapoor jointly organized a promotional event for the company at a hotel in Vadodara and invited some famous people. Those who came in were presented with luxurious holiday packages at the condition of taking the club's membership.
Sunstar, through enticing advertisements, had trapped the customers into taking the membership of the company, which later turned out to be fake.
They had named cricketers Kapil Dev, film star Govinda and Ravikishan as joint directors of the company which led the people to blindly trust the holiday club. (ANI)