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Yashpal Suvarna,BJP OBC Morcha Gen Secy (Photo:ANI)
Yashpal Suvarna,BJP OBC Morcha Gen Secy (Photo:ANI)

Karnataka: BJP leader says hijab row orchestrated by anti-social elements, seeks NIA probe

ANI | Updated: Apr 06, 2022 22:53 IST

Udupi (Karnataka) [India], April 6 (ANI): BJP OBC Morcha General Secretary Yashpal Suvarna on Wednesday, while reacting to the video statement by Al-Qaeda chief Ayman Al Zawahiri on the hijab row, said that the issue was hatched by the anti-social elements and demanded an NIA enquiry into the matter.
"Hijab issue was hatched up by anti-social elements. I had said that these students are not acting like students, they are supported and sponsored by some other anti-social organisations and also terrorist organisations are supporting them," he said.
"The government should take a dynamic decision on the issue against such elements. I request the government to take action and also an NIA enquiry into the matter," Suvarna added.
Suvarna further said that such issues will "affect the administration and economy."

Earlier today, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said Al-Qaeda will never understand the importance of wearing uniforms in educational institutions.
"Karnataka High Court gave a clear verdict that it's not expected of a student to wear something else except hijab," he told media persons when asked about the Al-Qaeda video.
"If you wear hijab, I will wear something else (it will become an idealogy), then school and college will become a platform for the display of religious clothes and religious behaviour. So, how can then school and college continue (with permitting hijab)? That is why the term uniform came so that there's no difference between Hindus and Muslims. There is no difference between poor and rich," the Chief Minister added.
"Al-Qaeda will never understand but I am sure that Indian Muslims will understand that we have to wear uniforms. Once you finish your school and college, you come back to your home and whatever you want to wear, you wear. I am sure that Indian Muslims are with the judiciary," he said.
Zawahiri in a video had praised student Muskaan Khan for standing in defence of the headscarf. (ANI)