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Karnataka Central Diocese asks churches not to hold worship services till April 30

ANI | Updated: Apr 09, 2021 05:30 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], April 9 (ANI): Karnataka Central Diocese asked churches not to hold worship services from April 11 to April 30 and to open churches on Sundays for 'personal prayers' by individuals.
In the letter, Karnataka Central Diocese wrote, " I am sure you are keeping updated on the spread of the second wave of the COVID-19 virus which is a super spreader and several of our brothers and sisters have been infected by this virus. In view of the mounting number of people affected by this pandemic the following precautionary measures are to be observed."

Worship Services should not be held commencing from 11- 30 April 2021. Online worship services should be organised for the benefit of the congregation members.

The churches should be kept open on Sundays for individuals to offer personal prayers. Arrangements should be made for sanitation of the Church, temperature check, hand sanitising and wearing of masks for those entering the Church for personal prayers.
For other religious activities like baptism, marriage and funerals not more than 50 persons are allowed and these services should be held inside the Church strictly while observing the Standard Operating Procedures issued by the Government. All confirmation services are postponed during this period. Fresh dates for confirmation will be given when the situation improves.
"Kindly follow the directives given by the Government, failure to do so will attract appropriate action. The above precautions are taken for the well-being of all our members and clergy," read the letter.
Ten states--Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Kerala and Punjab have shown a rise in the COVID daily new cases. 84.21 per cent of the new cases are reported from these 10 states.
"Maharashtra has reported the highest daily new cases at 59,907. It is followed by Chhattisgarh with 10,310 while Karnataka reported 6,976 new cases", the Union Health Ministry informed. (ANI)