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Karnataka Govt: Water to be released to Hemavathi canal system

ANI | Updated: Aug 07, 2019 16:36 IST

Karnataka [India], Aug 7 (ANI): Karnataka Government will release 14.53 TMC (Thousand Million Cubic) of water to Hemavathi canal system for 25 days starting today as the catchment is receiving a definite amout of rainfall.
Water will be released to tanks and anaicuts in Hassan, Tumakuru and Mandya and Tamil Nadu, a top state official said.
Along with this, the government has also decided to release water to Tungabhadra project and Vijayanagara Canals. Left bank and right bank canals of Tungabhadra reservoir and Vijayanagar canals will receive 9,800 cusecs of water, he said.
"As good rainfall is expected in the catchment area, Government has agreed to release 14.53 TMC of water to the tanks and anicuts in Hassan, Tumakuru and Mandya districts through Hemavathi project canal system along with releasing water to Tamilnadu", the official said.
"Since sufficient storage is not available in the reservoir, it is intended to provide water only for drinking purpose by filling water in tanks and anicuts and not to provide water for irrigation," he added.
On Tuesday, the inflow of water to the Hemavathi reservoir was 17,623 cusecs and outflow was 5,000 cusecs.
In June 2019, Cauvery Water Management Board recommended in a committee meeting releasing 9.19 TMC feet of water to Tamil Nadu. (ANI)