Tunga dam providing water to Shivamogga has reached dead storage
Tunga dam providing water to Shivamogga has reached dead storage

Karnataka: Shivmogga city faces water crisis as Tungda dam reaches dead storage

ANI | Updated: Jun 01, 2019 05:47 IST

Shivmogga (Karnataka) [India], Jun 1 (ANI): With Tunga dam which provides water to Shivamogga city reaching a dead storage level, the city may likely face acute water shortage in the near future, officials said.
The city which has a population of about 3.60 lakh is dependent on the dam water for its everyday water supply; however, the intense summer season has led to dip in the present water level in the dam.
Outlining the gravity of the alarming situation, Executive Engineer Ramesh told ANI, "The Monsoon is delayed. Because of dead storage, we are only able to draw very less amount of water. We can manage for a month with available water. We have requested the irrigation authority to take suitable action to preserve the required amount of water. We cannot use dead storage water for any purpose except drinking, so district administration has ordered to preserve water".
He also asserted that due to scarcity, the water is being supplied to the outskirts of the city on alternate days.
Ramesh also said that the district administration has already issued orders to not supply water for irrigation and has made water supply for the public as its first priority.
Timmegowda, a tanker owner supplying water said, "Rain is delayed, from last three-four years first time we are facing such a situation. As of now, we try to manage drinking water with tankers."
Shivamogga Deputy Commissioner ( DC) KA Dayananda also said instructions have been given to ensure supply of drinking water.
Dayananda said, "Rural part of Shivamogga is suffering a lot and I have instructed all junior and senior engineers to ensure the supply of drinking water. For Shivamogga city we are using Tunga dam water, we reached dead storage now. I wish good rainfall in the catchment area which will spread to Chikkamagaluru district."
On May 31, India Meteorological Department (IMD) predicted normal rainfall across the country from June to September.
As per the IMD Bulletin released on Friday, "Rainfall over the country as a whole for the 2019 southwest monsoon season (June to September) is most likely to be Normal".
The four-month monsoon season is extremely crucial for the agricultural-based economy of India and affects the livelihood of millions of people. (ANI)