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Attacked Police Inspector (Photo/ANI)
Attacked Police Inspector (Photo/ANI)

Karnataka: Villagers attack Police Inspector probing ganja plantation case near Maharashtra-Karnataka border

ANI | Updated: Sep 25, 2022 12:37 IST

Kalaburagi (Karnataka) [India], September 25 (ANI): Around 30-40 locals from Umarge village in Maharastra attacked police inspector Srimant who was enquiring about the Ganja plantation probe case on Saturday.
The brutally attacked inspector has received serious injuries and has been admitted to a private hospital in Karnataka's Kalaburagi.
As per the doctor, Srimant is currently on a ventilator and his organs are functioning normally.
"He has got a head injury, multiple rib fractures and facial bone injuries. His kidney and other functions are normal, currently, he is on a ventilator, said Dr Vikram Siddareddy, Kalaburagi while mentioning that they have been "closely monitoring him".
According to the Superintendent of Police, Srimant went to a location near the Karnataka-Maharashtra border for the probe.

"He along with a team went to a location near the Karnataka-Maharashtra border for a probe where 30-40 locals from Umarge village attacked them," said Isha Pant, SP Kalaburagi.
The attack on police personnel took place after a team of cops headed by a Police Inspector visited the Usmanbad district in Maharashtra after the arrest of one accused person in connection with the Ganja case.
Kalaburagi Deputy Commissioner Yeshwanth Gurukar visited the hospital to enquire about the injured inspector's health with SP Isha Pant. (ANI)