Three-year-old Mohammad Haidan with his parents in Kochi on Thursday. Photo/ANI
Three-year-old Mohammad Haidan with his parents in Kochi on Thursday. Photo/ANI

Kerala: 3-year-old pulmonary blastoma patient gets a new lease of life

ANI | Updated: Oct 10, 2019 20:32 IST

Kochi (Kerala) [India], Oct 10 (ANI): With the joint efforts of two leading hospitals in the city, a three-year-old boy has been able to successfully recover from pulmonary blastoma, a rare type of lung cancer.
Before the surgery, the patient, Mohammad Haidan was struggling to breathe owing to the presence of a huge tumour in his lungs.
After conducting the biopsy and diagnosing pulmonary blastoma, the doctors successfully removed the tumor from the boy's body by performing a surgery.
A press briefing was held here on Thursday by the panel of doctors which were involved in treating Haidan. The toddler was seen gleefully playing around and interacting with the people present at the event.
Speaking to ANI, one of the doctors Dr VP Gangadharan said: "He was sent back from abroad after being told that his days were numbered. He was very sick and struggling to breathe. One side of his lungs had gone completely opaque and the opposite lung was also getting compromised."
The doctor thanked the family for their support prior to the boy's surgery.
"The family gave us a lot of support and told us to go ahead no matter what the risk. It gave us a big boost," he added.
Gangadharan added that Haidan will be monitored continuously given the seriousness of his medical condition.
"He has not been totally cured because it was a very bad tumour. We will be going ahead with further chemotherapy as it is a Type-3 case of pulmonary blastoma," the doctor said. (ANI)