Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan (FilePhoto/ANI)
Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan (FilePhoto/ANI)

Kerala faced new crises during Covid second wave, says CM Vijayan

ANI | Updated: Sep 11, 2021 03:00 IST

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) [India], September 11 (ANI): Amid the rising cases of COVID-19 in Kerala, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan stated on Friday that, unlike the first wave, the state has faced many new crises during the second wave.
"During the period from September 3 to 9, the average number of active cases was 2,42,278. Only 13 per cent of the patients were admitted to the hospitals. Only one per cent of patients were admitted to the ICU. There were 1,87,561 new cases reported during the period. The number of cases has declined to 21,000 compared to last week," said Vijayan.
"The first zero prevalence study of ICMR found that the number of cases in Kerala during the first wave was very low. Only about 11 per cent of the people in the state were infected," he added.
As per the Chief Minister, high population density, urban and rural inequality, and the high proportion of the elderly and people with lifestyle diseases is the root cause of the high mortality rate in Kerala.
"Due to the high percentage of the non-infected population and high population density, the number of patients in the second wave has increased significantly," said Vijayan.
"Despite the natural increase in the number of deaths, despite such a large increase in the number of patients, the death toll has remained unchanged," he said.
The Chief Minister highlighted that the first dose of the Covid vaccine is expected to be completed by September 30, for the age group 18 years and above.
Vijayan further said that discussions are underway about the reopening of the educational institutions in the state.
"Discussions are underway with experts and experienced in this regard. The revival of our industrial and commercial sectors must also take place urgently. There will be interventions as needed," he said.
"As colleges open, COVID vaccination facilities will be made available to students. All students should take at least one dose of the COVID vaccine before entering college," he added.
The Chief Minister informed that 78 per cent of the adult population in Kerala has received the first dose of the Covid vaccine. (ANI)