Kerala journalist allegedly thrashed by cops for publishing news against them

ANI | Updated: Sep 26, 2017 13:47 IST

Kerala [India], Sept 26 (ANI): Senior journalist Sajeev Gopalan who was allegedly manhandled by Kerala Police, alleged that the cops thrashed him for publishing a news article against them.

Gopalan, a journalist representing the Kalakaumudi newspaper, was assaulted by the police on September 24 near Varkala in Kerala.

The journalist, who is admitted in the hospital, told ANI, "When I was standing in front of my house, two policemen came on a motorcycle. First they asked me if I was drunk and started behaving rudely. When I questioned, they started bashing me. In between, I heard him saying that 'you were the one who gave news against me.' Then, I realized that he was taking revenge from me for a story that I had published exposing their wrongdoings."

He further said that the two policemen also called a sub-inspector who also started beating him.

"My wife and daughter who were frightened begged them to leave me, but they didn't. As more neighbours came in, they left but took my relative into custody," he added.

Deepa, the journalist's wife, alleged that one policeman tried to strip his lungi while the other was filming this on a mobile phone.

"I came out of the house after hearing my husband crying for help. I was shocked to see the incident. I begged them not to attack my husband, but they did not listen.They attacked him in front of our daughter," she told ANI. (ANI)