Sister Anupama
Sister Anupama

Kerala Rape: Vicar being coerced, claims protesting nun

ANI | Updated: Sep 20, 2018 21:51 IST

Kochi (Kerala) [India], Sep 18 (ANI): Reacting sharply on the recent comments made by Vicar of the Sisters of Parish, sister Anupama on Thursday claimed that the priest is being coerced and people helping the accused priest might be misguiding him. Sister Anupama is one of the nuns heading a protest in Kochi demanding the arrest of the accused.
On Tuesday, Vicar of the Sisters of Parish Father Manipara said that if the nun's claim of multiple sexual abuses were true, it was consensual and not rape.
Rejecting his statement, Sister Anupama told ANI, "Even if it's one time or 13 times, it is rape. We are fighting for that. Our fight is for the world, for all the women who are the victims of rape."
She further claimed that Fr. Manipara was also a witness of the things and added, "Vicar of the Sisters of Parish was also a witness of the things we said to him. But people helping the Bishop told him things and made him change mind. We feel he is being pressurized."
Sister Anupama also called for an immediate arrest of the accused Bishop and said, "We hope that he will be arrested. How more they can prolong it? If they are sending Bishop out without arresting him then there is no meaning for the women in this world itself. If Bishop is kept away from prison, it will show that he is having power, money and authority and he is able to influence the process. So it is needed that he should be arrested without any more delay."
Meanwhile, the Catholic priest of Jalandhar diocese, Franco Mulakkal, who allegedly raped a Kerala nun, appeared before a Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the Kerala police for the second day on Thursday. He has again been summoned for questioning tomorrow.
Kerala police have also said that their teams will be going to different places for verification and they are doing an analysis of all facts since the beginning of the investigation.
These developments come on a day when a Senior Catholic priest, Franco Mulakkal, has been temporarily relieved of his pastoral duties by Pope Francis. (ANI)