Nilambur MLA PV Anvar (in white shirt) (Photo/ANI)
Nilambur MLA PV Anvar (in white shirt) (Photo/ANI)

Kerala polls: Nilambur to decide whether 'physical presence of MLA' matters for constituency

ANI | Updated: Mar 27, 2021 21:31 IST

By Amiya Kumar Kushwaha
Malappuram (Kerala) [India], March 27 (ANI): Ahead of Kerala Assembly polls, Congress-BJP leaders have been targetting Nilambur assembly incumbent MLA PV Anvar for his prolonged absence from his constituency.
Anvar, who claimed to have been in a South Africa country apparently to firm up business in the mining industry that would help create several thousands of jobs for Keralites, says people will vote for the work he delivered and that a MLA's physical presence is not required.
The Left Democratic Front (LDF) candidate Anvar had not been seen in his constituency for months and just ahead of the announcement of his candidature for the assembly polls, he conducted a Facebook live session in which he explained he had gone abroad in connection with mining business and that he is back for campaigning.
His opponents in the UDF and BJP do not want to miss this chance to turn this into a poll issue and have been attacking him on and off to keep the controversy alive till people go for a poll.
However, Anvar looks confident to maintain a stronghold in his Assembly constituency and junked the allegations levelled by his opponents.
"It is not mandatory for an MLA to remain physically present in his assembly. He can look after people issues from any other place too," Anvar who is in the electoral fray for the second time from the Nilambur constituency, told ANI.
Anvar said that people are going to choose him again and said that opposition is creating unnecessary issues as it is not mandatory for an MLA to remain physically present in his constituency if he is able to address people grievances.
"I will win election with a large margin. Not only this constituency all over Kerala people are supporting LDF, " Anwar said.
He is also confident that the LDF will form the government in the state as it has the support of the people. "For the last five years we have been working in this area. I have worked to improve roads, hospitals and schools in my area and people are happy with my performance, " he said.
"Do people always want to see a member of the legislative assembly? I have delivered more than expected. The allegations are made by some select people who want to create a problem for me," Anvar said.

Anvar's opponents allege that Anvar is a businessman who does not care for his people and will is set to lose this election.
VV Prakash, who is contesting from Nilambur constituency under the banner of Congress-led UDFsaid that people have forgotten about Anvar as he has remained absent from Legislative Assembly too and people will not accept him this time.
"Anvar has totally neglected this constituency. After winning an election, he has ignored his constituency and doing his own business. He has not attended many assembly sessions, " he said.
BJP candidate also has a similar reaction and hoped that he and his party will win the election.
According to BJP candidate Ashok Kumar, Anvar is a businessman who cares only about his business. He did not care for his people and will be voted out of power.
"Anvar is a businessman and not connected with common people. Anvar has failed to satisfy the expectance of his people. He is a profit maker and also not fit in communist party ideology and party workers are not also supporting him, " he said.
Nilambur constituency is faced with various issues including unemployment as there are not factories in the constituency where people can get jobs, he said.
Nilambur assembly constituency is part of Malappuram district, which has a sizeable population of farmers.
In the 2016 assembly election, Anvar won the election by defeating the Congress Party candidate.
In the December local body polls, Nilambur was won by the LDF, which trounced the ruling UDF.
Earlier this assembly was a stronghold of Aryadan Muhammed, an Indian National Congress party leader and the former Minister for Electricity and Transport (Government of Kerala). Muhammed was elected to the Kerala Legislative Assembly (KLA) for the first time in 1977. He was elected again in 1980 through a by-election but lost it in 1982 by Independent candidate TK Hamza. He was re-elected in 1987 and since he represented the same Nilambur Constituency as a Congress candidate till 2016.
Election for the 140-member Kerala assembly in 14 districts will be held in a single phase on April 6. The counting of votes will take place on May 2. (ANI)