Many dishes were a part of the Jackfruit fair in Thiruvananthapuram today. (Photos/ANI)
Many dishes were a part of the Jackfruit fair in Thiruvananthapuram today. (Photos/ANI)

Kerala: Rafeeq makes over 100 delicacies with Jackfruit the 'jack of all fruits'

ANI | Updated: Aug 16, 2021 15:26 IST

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) [India], August 16 (ANI): Jackfruit is the 'jack of all fruits' literally for Rafeeq, who makes more than 100 delicacies out of it, ranging from payasam to pickles to jams to cakes.
Rafeeq is organising a Jackfruit festival in Thiruvananthapuram as a part of Onam celebrations.
While talking to ANI, he said he started by making jackfruit chips 15 years ago and soon found his passion for experimenting with various jackfruit dishes.
"In the earlier days, Keralites used to make many dishes out of Jackfruit as it was readily available. There are many traditional dishes that Malayalees do not know how to make. Those who visit here, taste the dish and then purchase it," Rafeeq added.
When asked about his dishes, he said: "There are many varieties. There is Chakka Puzhukku that can be consumed with fish curry. I can also make various sweets like Palkova, a variety of Jackfruit cakes, rolls, samosas, paripuvada, masala roll and jackfruit chili among many others."

Rafeeq also teaches these recipes to those who are interested.
Customers said that they learned about a number of dishes that could be made from Jackfruit and were delighted with the delicacies made by Rafeeq.
"I only knew a few traditional dishes. But after coming here I got to know how many dishes could be made out of Jackfruit. Not only the ripe jackfruit, but they also make dishes from green ones. I tasted various dishes and enjoyed them. I bought some of these dishes for my family as well," said Mini, a customer.
Sathyadas, another customer said: "I have tasted almost all dishes here and they are all delicious. Jackfruit is really good for health and I came to know about various Jackfruit dishes after coming here. Rafeeq is putting a good effort."
Little Sikha also agreed with her father, "It is very tasty," she said after sampling a Jackfruit sweet. (ANI)