Idamalayar Dam in Ernakulam district of Kerala (Photo/ANI)
Idamalayar Dam in Ernakulam district of Kerala (Photo/ANI)

Kerala: Two shutters of Idamalayar dam in Ernakulam district opened today

ANI | Updated: Oct 19, 2021 11:23 IST

Ernakulam (Kerala) [India], October 19 (ANI): Following incessant rains in Kerala that caused water levels in the state's dams to rise, two shutters of the Idamalayar Dam in Ernakulam district were opened for 50 cm each at 6 am on Tuesday, officials said.
Water level of the Idamalayar Dam is 165.70 m with the full reservoir level being 169 m and maximum water level being 171 m. A 'blue alert' has been sounded for Idamalayar Dam due to the rise in water level, the State's Department of Information and Public Relations said.
Pamba Dam is on a Red Alert with water level standing at 985.175 m at 8 am today with the full reservoir level being 986.33 m.
Kakki Reservoir also on a red alert. The water level in it recorded at 8 am today was 979.98 m with the full reservoir level of 981.46 m.
Ernakulam District Collector Jafar Malik on Monday had informed that the shutters of the dam would be opened today and no significant change in the water level of the Periyar river is expected.
The shutters of Peechi, Chimmini, Poomala, Asurankundu, Pathazhakundu and Vazhani dams in the Thrissur district have been opened. Chulliyar Dam, Mangalam, Malampuzha, Kanjirapuzha and Shiruvani dams have been opened in Palakkad district.
People living on the banks of these rivers and adjoining areas have been advised to exercise caution and be vigilant against rising waters.
Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Monday tasked an expert committee to decide the opening of shutters of various dams in the rain-battered state in a high-level review meeting. (ANI)