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Picture of the sculpture
Picture of the sculpture

Kerala's tallest Shiva sculpture at Azhimala temple opens for public

ANI | Updated: Jan 02, 2021 20:55 IST

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) [India], January 2 (ANI): Kerala's tallest Shiva sculpture constructed at Azhimala temple near Kovalam here has been opened for the people.
Construction of the 58-feet tall sculpture in Gangadhareswara figure in the cliff of Azhimala beach started six years ago.
29-year-old PS Devadathan is the person behind the sculpture of the temple. He started his work at the age of 23 and kept working on the sculpture along with his graduation in fine arts.
"We have to take proper care during construction since the sculpture is near the sea. The sculpture should resist the water and salt content. So, we have mixed some chemicals with cement to resist saltwater. I did complete research after finishing the drawing and 3D images. It has built-in rock, so we have checked the density of rock, wind load and calculated the weight," he said.

"This place is beautiful and influenced me. I thought about how to make it more beautiful. I have visualized it in mind and created the design. I have studied all elements and worked. As a native of this place, I have an idea about nature. I have adjusted my work accordingly," he said.
The 29-year-old said that he had several limitations since it was a religious structure.
"People had an imagination about Shiva in their mind. We cannot make the change into it. A visual impact is more than words. There is a connection between visual and emotion. I have tried to feel a mixed emotion in the mind of a visitor and help to feel positive," he added.
"This picture of Gangadhareswara Shiva signifies prosperity. It is a very energetic one. When I made this hair, I felt to do it rhythmically. I tried to bring all emotions in this sculpture. Its height is about 58 feet," he said further.
S Vijesh, General Secretary, temple committee said: "Chief priest Jyothish Potti has suggested building Gagadharasivaroopam in Azhimugham temple. The construction had started on April 2, 2014. With the support of the temple administration committee, it has been completed in 2020 and opened to the public now." (ANI)