Visual of Oxygen Langar at Behala gurudwara in Kolkata. (Photo/ANI)
Visual of Oxygen Langar at Behala gurudwara in Kolkata. (Photo/ANI)

Kolkata gurudwara runs free oxygen langar for Covid-19 patients

By Syeda Shabana Parveen | Updated: May 23, 2021 05:46 IST

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], May 23 (ANI) Setting an example during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Behala gurudwara in Kolkata and the IHA Foundation are conducting an Oxygen Langar where any patient can come with their Aadhaar card, get their oxygen level tested and receive an oxygen cylinder.
This facility is available on the premises of Behala Gurdwara where at a time 25 people can avail of the service. Anyone can avail of the services no matter which religion they belong to. If patients feel they are having low Oxygen level, they can come to the premises with their Adhaar card and doctors present will check their measuring oxygen level and if required, give an Oxygen cylinder for free.
Speaking to ANI, A National Coordinator of the IHA foundation, Dashmesh Bir Singh said, "People can also refill their empty oxygen cylinder free of cost. We have also started mobile oxygen services and even the Portable Oxygen Concentrator is also available so that patients can take oxygen even sitting outside the premises in their car."
"We are simply calling it an Oxygen Langar because in this time of pandemic we really need to come forward to help people said," he added.
Speaking to ANI, Shramna Chakrabarty, a member of the medical staff said, "These services are turning out to be useful for the patients. On a daily basis, we are providing service to many of them."
The locals who are getting the help amid an acute shortage of oxygen, Behala Gurdwara has offered a ray of hope.
Afridi Hasan, a resident of South Kolkata who had come to refill an oxygen cylinder for his uncle who is a Covid patient said," We can not afford to buy oxygen. Because of shortage it is not easily available. This free cost services of Behala Gurdwara offer hope to people like us." (ANI)