A Durga Puja pandal (File photo)
A Durga Puja pandal (File photo)

Kolkata: Puja pandals face shortage of funds ahead of Durga Puja

By Syeda Shabana Parveen | Updated: Sep 22, 2019 19:33 IST

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], Sept 22 (ANI): While Durga Puja is a few weeks away, the pandals here still need to be completed- the reason being a financial crunch.
Young Boys' Club President Vikrant Singh expressed concern over the ongoing financial crisis.
"We are approaching corporates houses and sponsors but they are not responding as the condition of the market is not good. Durga Puja is totally dependent on advertisements and publicity and it's quite problematic for us to overcome this crisis," he said.
Another popular Puja organiser in College Square, Sarbojanik Durga Puja Pandal Committee members expressed concern over meeting the expenses as they are facing lack of revenues.
"Agencies are only making enquiries about advertisements and they are not following up. Decreasing advertisements will have an adverse effect on funding but we cannot stop preparing Durga Puja Pandals once we start making it. We are collecting funds from our club circles to make this Puja a success," said Bikash Majumdar, General Secretary, Sarbojanik Durga Puja Pandal Committee.
Even the lack of advertisements is visible clearly on the streets of Kolkata. At this time when the streets of Kolkata should be full of advertisements and hoardings, only a few hoardings are visible. (ANI)