Tiger and Lion Safari, Shivamogga, Karnataka. (Photo/ANI)
Tiger and Lion Safari, Shivamogga, Karnataka. (Photo/ANI)

K'taka: Tiger and Lion Safari authorities extend visiting hours to improve footfall

ANI | Updated: Oct 05, 2019 17:40 IST

Shivamogga (Karnataka) [India], Oct 5 (ANI): One of the most visited destinations in Shivamogga, the popular Tiger and Lion Safari situated on the busy Bengaluru-Honnavara highway, is losing visitors due to the recent floods and prevailing monkey fever. The safari authorities have therefore extended the visiting hours in a bid to improve footfall.
"Recent floods have affected many areas across the state and tourists have stopped coming here. We generally witness a large number of tourists every year during the monsoon season in September and October. But this year we witnessed fewer tourists due to the prevailing monkey fever and recent floods," said Mukund Chandra, assistant conservative forest and executive director of Tiger and Lion Safari.
"In order to attract more visitors, we have extended the Safari timings. The revised timings are from 8:30 am to 5 pm," he added.
Recent floods that wreaked havoc in several areas across Karnataka in the month of August, affected around forty lakh families. (ANI)