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KVIC installs Bee-Boxes at SPG headquarters in Dwarka

ANI | Updated: Jul 15, 2019 15:12 IST

New Delhi [India], July 15 (ANI): Khadi and Village Industries Commission has installed Bee-Boxes with bee colonies at the headquarters of Special Protection Group (SPG) in Dwarka in southwest Delhi.
These Bee-Boxes are not only for honey production but also will help in the growth of the flora and fauna in and around its campus through cross-pollination.
KVIC Chairman Vinai Kumar Saxena said, "Our apiculture experts first provided practical training of examination of honeybee colonies, acquaintance with apicultural equipments, identification and management of bee enemies and diseases, honey extraction and wax purification and management of bee colonies in spring, summer, monsoon, autumn and winter seasons to three SPG gardeners in KVIC's training centre and then installed the bee-boxes there in presence of the SPG officials on 7th July."
He also said that installing Bee-Boxes in such prominent places would create public awareness to adapt bee-keeping as a proper vocation.
"So far, we have distributed over 1.10 lakh Bee-Boxes across India in the last one and half years, which has not only created over 11,000 new jobs for the farmers, unemployed youths and adivasis; but so far 430 metric tons of honey has been extracted through these Bee-Boxes only, valuing over Rs 4 crore," Kumar said.
"Enthused by our performance, the MSME Minister Nitin Gadkari has given us a target to distribute other 2 lakh bee-boxes in this financial year, which will prove as a boon to the farmers," he added. (ANI)