'LEDs to be installed in all Stations of South Central Railways by March 2018'

ANI | Updated: Dec 12, 2017 17:45 IST

(Telangana) [India] Dec. 12 (ANI): After the Kacheguda railway station has become first energy efficient railway station in the country, the South Central Railways (SCR) plans to install LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights in all the stations under the SCR zone.

The SCR Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO) Uma Shankar said that Kacheguda railway station is now a number one energy efficient railway station in Indian railways.

"The south central Railway zone has taken several measures to make this railway station as an energy efficient one. We are going to replace the conventional lights with LED lights in all the stations under the zone by March 2018."

Talking about the energy efficient measures adopted at Kacheguda railway station, the CPRO said, "The station has earned the unique distinction of being the First Energy Efficient 'A1 Category' Railway Station on Indian Railways by achieving 100 percent energy efficiency by replacing 1,312 conventional lights with LED lighting. Some 370 ceiling fans too were replaced with Brushless DC Electrical (BLDC) motors energy efficient fans and 12 air conditioners with energy efficient inverter type air conditioners."

He added that all these measures will save about 1.76 lakh units and Rs. 14.08 lakh per annum with reduction of the connected load by 46.18 kW for Railways

Gurvindher Singh, Kacheguda station director, told ANI: "As we know that Kacheguda railway station is now known as energy efficient railway station in south Indian railways. Not only this, we are going to install 400 power saving solar pans within three months. With this, we are going to be self- dependent on electric supply and we will also supply surplus electricity."

Talking to ANI, a passenger said, "Kacheguda railway station is one the big railway stations in the city. As of now, it is very comfortable railway station for passengers that has BLDC fans, LED lights. People are feeling more comfortable by the supply of free Wi-Fi in this station." (ANI)