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Left MPs oppose private member's bill seeking uniform civil code

By Gaurav Arora | Updated: Jul 25, 2021 11:51 IST

New Delhi [India], July 24 (ANI): Three Left party MPs have moved a motion in the Rajya Sabha objecting to the introduction of a private member's bill on the Uniform Civil Code, saying such legislation would damage communal harmony. BJP MP Kirodi Lal Meena has proposed the bill.
CPI (M) Rajya Sabha MP, Elamaram Kareem, CPI(M) MP Dr V. Sivadasan and CPI MP Binoy Viswam had given notice under Rule 67 opposing the introduction of Private Member Bill 'The Uniform Civil Code in India Bill'. Kirodi Lal Meena was scheduled to introduce the bill on Friday but could not do so as the House was adjourned due to repeated disruptions.
While talking to ANI, CPI's Member of Rajya Sabha Binoy Viswam said: "Such move should be taken with all seriousness because Uniform Civil Code has faced much flak and Centre may say it as an innocent bill but it's not so innocent as there is an agenda behind that bill. This is a part of the RSS agenda to impose the uniform civil code. Uniform Civil Code demands a lot of preparation.
"...If anybody or if any government tries to impose uniform civil code, it will be disastrous for this country's unity and secularism. Under rule 67, we impose a resolution to stand by that. Unfortunately, I believe that this bill must not taken and we could not move our assessment on it. Also, whenever such move from the government arises, we as the opposition are committed to secular foundation of India. We will use our rights under rule 67 to oppose this move", said Binoy Viswam.
"The expedition of the Uniform Civil Code is really a difficult one as this discussion in India began during the freedom struggle. Using uniform civil code in a country like India where people with several faiths beliefs and customs and practices vary from place to place and religion to religion. In such a situation, to impose a uniform civil code can raise apprehensions. So, we believe that it needs a lot of preparation on ground level.
"After CAA, NRC, Article 370, after the demolition of Babri Masjid, the minorities in India are feeling that they are not safe in this country. Their rights are not secured in this country. Jf the government tries to impose this, maybe through a private members bill, the minorities in this country will feel insecure. So a sensible government and a responsible political party should not go to this line of politics.", Viswam said.
Another MP Elamaram Kareem (CPI-M) said, "On last Friday, I had served a notice under Rule 67 for opposing the introduction of the private member bill namely the uniform civil code in India 2020 by Dr Kirodi LaL from BJP. My notice, under this rule, opposes the introduction of this private member Bill. This bill, if introduced, can damage the communal harmony of our nation. Uniform civil code is a matter of wide consultations, discussion before any legislation is being thought about it. The manner in which bill is intended to introduce by a member in a heist manner and without any consultation can not be accepted."
"It can be seen many of the constitutional provisions, observations by the Supreme Court are quoted wrongly to justify the relevance of the bill. Some other debates in the constituted assembly are quoted in a misleading way. So this bill, not only is posing communal harmony of our nation but is also widely misleading", said E Kareem. (ANI)