A migrant labourer speaking to ANI on Wednesday. Photo/ANI
A migrant labourer speaking to ANI on Wednesday. Photo/ANI

Lockdown blues : Migrant labourers switch to selling vegetables, fruits in Delhi's Janakpuri

ANI | Updated: Apr 16, 2020 00:15 IST

New Delhi [India], April 16 (ANI): In a bid to survive during the lockdown many migrant labourers in Delhi's Janakpuri, who were employed in the transport sector or factories, have now started selling vegetables and fruits.
Vijendra Mahto from Bihar, worked as a driver before lockdown but has now switched to selling vegetables. Mahto lives in a rented accomodation here with his wife and two kids.
Brajesh Mishra, 45, who used to work as tailor in a local factory too found himself jobless follwing the lockdown. Mishra, who hails from Uttar Pradesh, is now selling vegetables for livelihood.
"As I don't even know how to drive the cart, my wife accompanies me. I have never done this thing and it is becoming difficult to survive," Mishra said.
Qadri, 56, who lives with family in Mahavir Enclave Part 2 said he had a small shop where he used to dye cloths. "Now I sell vegetables", he said. Qadri said he doesn't get much income from selling vegetables.

For Nishant Verma, who used to sell black grams in buses, it has not been easy selling watermelons. "As buses stopped plying, I had no way of earning so I started selling fruits," Verma said.
"We have already spent the money we had, I have a wife and children to take care of so I decided to sell fruits for survival. We get free meals but paying rent is huge problem for us,' Verma added.
In this difficult time, RWA members are also coming forward to help the poor in their society and distributing food.
Ahmad Ali Ansari, RWA President, Mahavir Enclave Part 2, said MLA of the area is providing food to the poor people so nobody is sleeping hungry here.
"We have large number of migrant labourers in our area so we try to feed them. To tackle the issue of social distancing we make announcement asking people not to gather around. While distributing food we have also keep social distancing in mind. We have also barricaded some streets," he said.
Sanjay Poddar, RWA General Secretary said,"We make sure people in the area maintain social distancing, we have volunteers who make sure that people don't gather on streets and we keep monitoring the situation here. People of the area are also cooperating". (ANI)