Rajnish Jain, Secretary of the University Grant Commission (File Photo/ANI)
Rajnish Jain, Secretary of the University Grant Commission (File Photo/ANI)

Lot of emphasis given to employment aspect in NEP 2020: UGC Secy

By Amit Kumar | Updated: Jul 31, 2020 18:07 IST

New Delhi [India], July 31 (ANI): Union Cabinet has approved National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 two days earlier leading to several changes to the Higher Education.
University Grant Commission (UGC) Secretary Professor Rajnish Jain, in a conversation with ANI, highlighted the important changes made in the Higher Education sector.
"Lot of emphasis has been given to the employability aspect of higher education. As you know, there is already a Bachelor of Vocational Studies. These kinds of courses are already offered under the 'Bachelor of Vocation' program. Considering the importance of employability, vocational training in terms of the internship will be integrated at the undergraduate level in all the other general education courses," said Jain.
He further cited an example to explain, "The undergraduate level right from the first year, second-year vocational courses can be integrated with degree course that will enhance the employment of any graduate students."
"NEP 2020 is new in many aspects such as institutional reforms, academic reforms, vocational education reforms. It is also integrating the Indian knowledge system, language, art and culture into teachings and the curriculum. It also focusses on research. It is giving the emphasis in all important dimensions which is part of academics, which is part of a student life, which is part of the faculty and which is part of the Institution," he added.
Jain believes that the new education policy will contribute in a "significant way" to the country's development.
"In NEP 2020, a lot of emphasis is given to multidisciplinary. All institutions should be multidisciplinary where students get the opportunity to study any course. There's a lot of flexibility with multiple entry and exit options," the UGC Secretary told ANI.
The changes to the education policy, as per Jain, have been made with regard to the type of degree option. He feels the policy promotes flexibility within the duration of the courses.
"There can be a three-year degree programme where after one year if student leave then can get a certificate. after 2-year students get a diploma and if Complete 3 year after students can get an undergraduate degree. If students wishes for higher study in research fourth year can be taken up a research course and will get a research degree. Fourth-year degree is called research degree," he added. (ANI)