Pigeons of a BJP supporter.
Pigeons of a BJP supporter.

Lucknow pigeons compete to ensure their party win

ANI | Updated: May 01, 2019 17:56 IST

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], May 1 (ANI): India may have to wait almost a month for the results of the Lok Sabha elections, but a political war from roofs of Lucknow is fought and won by some pigeon owners every day.
Political heat emancipating from the Lok Sabha elections is arguably engulfing all sections of society and pigeon fanciers of Maulviganj, Saadatganj, Akbari Gate and Husseinabad areas of Lucknow are no exception. 
Most of the residents of these areas are fond of pigeon fancying and they participate in pigeon racing very enthusiastically.
Some of these pigeon keepers have painted their pigeons in the colours of the political party they support and make them fly in groups of 20. The group which manages to stay in sky for the maximum duration is announced victorious.
Mohammed Faiz, who had run for councillor on Congress ticket, said pigeon fancying is an inseparable part of the city culture. He has painted his 250 pigeons in the colours used in Congress party flag. "I set them free to fly every morning," he said.
Faiz's neighbour Saidul Jama, however, is a BJP supporter, therefore, he has painted his pigeons in saffron colour that compete with Faiz's birds.
Irshad Quirashi, who believes Akhilesh Yadav favours the youth, has coloured his over 60 pigeons in red and blue, the colours of allies Samajwadi and Bahujan Samajwadi Party.
Irshad has been taking part in pigeon fancying competition for two years in the state capital. He, however, said that he takes it as a means of entertainment.
The Lok Sabha results on May 23 will decide who emerges as the winner in the power race, but Lucknow decides its winner every day. However, there is a difference -- the fanciers' do not compete to get throne but they fight to live an ancient mode of entertainment. (ANI)