Kunwar Pratap Singh
Kunwar Pratap Singh

Ludhiana kid sets records for extraordinary memory

ANI | Updated: Jul 30, 2021 15:21 IST

Ludhiana (Punjab) [India], July 30 (ANI): The three and half year old boy from Ludhiana, Punjab has set a world record for reciting the names of the capitals of all Indian states in 48 seconds and reading 27 books in 23 minutes 48 seconds.
At such a young age, Kunwar Pratap Singh's name is recorded in the International Book of Records. Singh was given the title of Grandmaster by the India Book of Records for recalling 27 monuments and doing 14 multiplication tables in one minute.
Singh has left everyone baffled with his extraordinary photographic memory and sharp IQ.
With his prodigious memory of remembering photographs, he can quickly recall anything or event that happened a year and earlier.

On top of this, he was selected for Child Prodigy Magazine for his sharp memory.
His parents shared that the young prodigy is loved by everyone in their neighbourhood, remembers names and other details of all residents in their colony. He likes to teach children of his age who play with him. Kunwar Pratap attempts Olympiads rather easily and has won several other world records.
Kunwar is a student of a private school in Sarabha Nagar. Passionate for books, Kunwarpratap is exceptionally fluent in reading, speaking and even correctly pronouncing long words. Kunwar remembers the tables from 1 to 40, the names of the capitals of all the countries of the world, multiplication of any number and everything related to prime numbers.
His amazing skills in solving problems of multiplication, subtraction and division verbally amaze everyone. (ANI)