A ration store in Ludhiana, Punjab (Photo/ANI)
A ration store in Ludhiana, Punjab (Photo/ANI)

Ludhiana locals vent ire at Punjab govt for hike in essential goods prices

ANI | Updated: Jun 10, 2021 17:21 IST

Ludhiana (Punjab) [India], June 10 (ANI): In Ludhiana on Thursday many locals voiced their resentment at the surge in prices of essential commodities and their anger at the Punjab government for increasing their financial burden during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
Avtar Singh, who turned up at the ration store to buy supplies claimed that his expense have drastically increased due to the rise in the prices of several commodities like, oil, pulses, etc.
"Prices of Rajma have crossed Rs 120 per kg. Mustard oil has also crossed Rs 200 per litre. Essential items have become extremely expensive after the second wave of Covid-19 ebbed a little. It is affecting the common man. Even petrol has surpassed Rs 100 per litre. The ration that we used to buy for Rs 3000, now costs us more than Rs 4000."
"The prices are sky-rocketing and the government is only focusing on Covid-19 vaccination drive. They must also focus their attention to curbing prices of goods," he added.
Dalvir Singh Sandhu, a farmer narrated a similar ordeal.
"Incomes of people have reduced to half because of the pandemic even as there is a hike in prices of essential items. Earlier, the farmers used to commit suicide in scenarios that they found difficult to cope up with, but now, the normal public will also resort to suicide because of such inflation," said Sandhu.

Sandhu said the onus lay on the government to take action, but it was not doing anything in the matter.
"The government must find a way out," added Sandhu.

A housewife, Ravinder Kaur told ANI that there is a lot of unemployment and in the midst of it all, prices of essential commodities continue to rise.
"Rates of all household commodities have risen," she added.
Vannet Batra, a shopkeeper admitted that the rates have increased in the past few months.
"Prices of oil have doubled. The prices of pulses have increased by Rs 30-40 per kg. There has been a sudden surge in the last four months. It is difficult to answer people why there is an increase in their bill amount. The burden on the customer is increasing, not on the shopkeepers," said the shopkeeper. (ANI)