Niwari District Collector Ashish Bhargav.
Niwari District Collector Ashish Bhargav.

Madhya Pradesh: Efforts to save toddler stuck inside borewell continue

ANI | Updated: Nov 05, 2020 23:33 IST

Niwari (Madhya Pradesh) [India], November 5 (ANI): Efforts to save a three-year-old boy who fell into a borewell are underway by officials in Madhya Pradesh's Niwari district.
According to District Collector Ashish Bhargav, the toddler is stuck in the kachha borewell about 58.760 feet underground.
"The borewell is extremely deep and the child is stuck in the middle, about 58.760 feet deep. We are digging another 60-foot hole parallel to the borewell. From there we will dig horizontally and try to reach the child from below," Bhargav said.
He said that it was crucial that rescue efforts were carried out with the utmost care as the slightest vibrations could cause the child to fall deeper into the borewell.

"The designated teams worked throughout the night and are still in the process of reaching the required depth. We have reached about 51 to 52 feet so far. It is important that the hole is dug with utmost care as excessive vibrations might cause the child to fall further down the hole. We are taking all precautions. While we complete the vertical digging, arrangements are being made for appropriate machinery for horizontal digging," he said.
Regarding the status of the child, Bhargav said that no movement had been detected as of yet, and only a doctor would be able to comment on his exact condition.
"We have been providing oxygen since we found out about the fall, but I cannot comment on his health. He is not making any movement. We can't even send a thermometer to check the temperature as it could move the soil and cause him to fall further in," he said.
Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Wednesday expressed confidence that the toddler would be taken out safely.
"Army, along with local administration is engaged in a rescue operation to save innocent Prahlad, who fell in a borewell in Setpura village. I am confident that soon he will be taken out safely. God bless the child with long life. Let's all pray for him," Chouhan tweeted. (ANI)