Hotel Milagu in Tamil Nadu
Hotel Milagu in Tamil Nadu

Madurai hotel apologies for naming chicken dish after Brahmin community

ANI | Updated: Aug 02, 2019 14:01 IST

Madurai [Tamil Nadu], Aug 02 (ANI): A Madurai-based restaurant has apologised for naming a chicken dish after a Brahmin community after they raised a strong objection over it.
Hotel Milagu named it's chicken dish- Kumbakonam Iyer Chicken- which did not go well with the Hindu community. Named in the non-veg dish, Kumbakonam Iyer is a Brahmin caste.
To convey their protest, representatives of the community met the hotel authorities and raised an objection. Following which, the hotel released a statement and said it will change the name.
"After Brahmin community representatives met us and raised serious objection to the name of Kumbakonam Iyer Chicken, we apologised for it. We will remove the ads for it from social media and are also doing away with the name," the statement read. (ANI)