Union Minister Jitendra Singh addressing the reporters in New Delhi. (Photo/ANI)
Union Minister Jitendra Singh addressing the reporters in New Delhi. (Photo/ANI)

Maharaja Hari Singh was wronged by his own family members: Jitendra Singh

Pragya Kaushika | Updated: Sep 23, 2019 22:25 IST

By Pragya Kaushika
New Delhi [India], Sept 23 (ANI): In a scathing attack on Maharaja Hari Singh's son and senior Congress leader, Karan Singh, Union Minister Jitendra Singh said that the erstwhile king of Jammu and Kashmir was wronged by his own family members.
In what could be seen as the purported comment of Karan Singh over his demand placed before Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik to declare public holiday on his father's birth anniversary, Jitendra Singh said that Hari Singh was not only wronged by the history and Britishers but also by his own family and Congress.
"I feel surprised as in the past few days, senior Congress leaders have been demanding that Hari Singh should be given due respect which he deserves. I won't name the leaders. Those who ruled the state for decades could have done anything for him but they didn't as they were under compulsion to disown him and were afraid to take his name. The greed for power stopped them from acknowledging Hari Singh. He face injustice by history, Britishers, Congress and his own family, " said Jitendra.
Listing out the leaders who stood with the late king, Jitendra stated that they were leaders belonging to the Jan Sangh and Praja Parishad who gave him company when he was coerced by Nehru to stay off of Kashmir. "BJP doesn't need lessons from those who disowned Hari Singh on giving due recognition to the late king," he added.
"When he died, people were confused as to whom should they approach in order to pay condolences. They all went to Pandit Prem Nath Dogra. These people were, ideologically linked to Jan Sangh and Praja Parishad, who stood with Hari Singh, " Jitendra said while claiming that it was the BJP that actually stood with the late king and need no instructions from those who abandoned him for the sake of power.
Jitendra was addressing a gathering of PoK and Kashmir refugees on occasion of birth anniversary of Maharaja Hari Singh.
He further stated, "Let's keep the record straight. We need to restore Jammu and Kashmir in the form and format it was handed by Raja Hari Singh which is unified Jammu and Kashmir with Gilgit- Baltistan and the rest of PoK. "
Jitendra relentlessly attacked the 'secular' leaders of the valley and at the centre, who committed "sins" of facilitating the division of unified Jammu and Kashmir.
"Those who believe in Shastras would say to redeem a great sin, a Mahapurush is required. I believe that Prime Minister Modi was born to redeem this sin," he added.
Jitendra praised the late prime minister Narsimha Rao for taking a stand on Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) and blamed Nehru for letting it go to Pakistan.

"Nehru gave into an idea of becoming a world leader, so he declared ceasefire when we were close to secure the parts we had lost to Pakistan, " said Jitendra.

Remembering Jansangh founder Syama Prasad Mookerjee, Jitendra said that BJP has atoned for the sins committed by Congress of arresting Mookerjee who sacrificed his life for Kashmir by repealing article 370. (ANI)