Maharashtra Tourism minister and Chairman of MTDC Jaykumar Rawal
Maharashtra Tourism minister and Chairman of MTDC Jaykumar Rawal

Maharashtra govt plans MTDC resorts in Ladakh, Kashmir

ANI | Updated: Aug 06, 2019 23:11 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Aug 6 (ANI): With the scrapping of Article 370 opening fresh avenues of investment in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh">Ladakh, Maharashtra government is looking forward to quickly grab the opportunity and open resorts in the region under the aegis of Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC">MTDC).
Applauding the repealing of Article 370, state's tourism minister and Chairman of MTDC">MTDC Jaykumar Rawal told ANI, "I would like to welcome the abolition of Article 370. It gives immense opportunity to Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation. As a company, we look at opportunities where we can build resorts. We find that in Kashmir and Ladakh">Ladakh, two new opportunities have opened up. MTDC">MTDC would be interested in buying properties, investing in hotels and hospitality segment in Kashmir and Ladakh">Ladakh."
"We are looking at a full resort with three-four star facilities. We have a lot of tourists from Maharashtra travelling to Jammu and Kashmir. People are very excited with the idea of safely travelling in Kashmir", he added.
He also outlined that Maharashtra tourism has been working in the hospitality industry for around two decades and now wants to be the first investors to get into Kashmir.
"I know that people in Kashmir valley are looking for opportunities, jobs and investors to come in. It is going to be a boom to the economy and Kashmir. We are ready to invest", Minister Rawal stated.
He also said that MTDC">MTDC operated resorts will create employment opportunities for the local residents of Kashmir and Ladakh">Ladakh by training and employing them in its venture.
The Lok Sabha on Tuesday passed the Jammu and Kashmir (Reorganisation) Bill, 2019 with 370 votes in favour and 70 against it. The lower house of parliament also passed the resolution revoking Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir.
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