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Man arrested for killing house owner (Photo/ANI)
Man arrested for killing house owner (Photo/ANI)

Man arrested in Delhi for killing house owner after scuffle

ANI | Updated: Aug 20, 2022 11:50 IST

New Delhi [India], August 20 (ANI): The Delhi Police has arrested a Bihar-based man for killing the owner of the house where he was residing for past few days.
According to the police, they had acted on the receipt of a call received by at 6.41amat the Mangolpuri police station. The complaint was lodged by one Jagdish about the killing of his father Suresh.
"A PCR call was received at PS Mangol Puri at 06.41 am in which he reported about the killing of a person with head injury. On receipt of the call, staff of PS Mangolpuri reached the spot immediately where a person was lying unconscious with bleeding from his head at the first floor of the house. The police team immediately called the mobile Crime team and FSL teams at the spot and scene of crime was inspected and photographed," Sameer Sharma, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Outer) said.
Jagdish informed the police that he lives at ground floor while his father used to live at the first floor of their house in Mangol Puri, and they had let out the second floor, four days ago, to a man named Pankaj Kumar Sahni.
"According to the version of Jagdish, 4 days ago, his father has brought a man namely Pankaj and told that he is an orphan and allowed him to stay with them in their house on rent. On August 9, Pankaj went out and came drunk in the evening, following which a scuffle took place between Suresh and Pankaj which was eventually pacified when the latter apologized to the owners of the house," DCP said.
"On the morning of August 10, Sahni called Jagdish and narrated that he had left the house during the previous night around 11 pm as his father used indecent words and highly filthy language against him which he couldn't tolerate and after this Sahni started laughing," he added mentioning that Jagdish found the call suspicious and immediately rushed to his father, where the former found him lying unconscious with his head bleeding.
The accused had escaped from the spot with the mobile phone, ID card other belongings of the deceased Suresh.
Following the investigation, the police identified the accused as Pankaj Kumar Sahni and sent teams sent to all the Railway stations and Bus terminals suspecting the possibility of him escaping to Bihar.
The police arrested the accused from Mangolpuri Industrial area after he changed several locations.
"The location was initially traced out to be at Anand Parbat, Delhi. But till the team reached there, the accused changed his location to RK Ashram, Metro Station. From there, in order to dupe police, the accused boarded the metro towards Faridabad, then again came back to Kashmiri Gate. He again boarded the metro and reached Ballabhgarh. The team kept following him and also reached Ballabhgarh, but he could not be traced out there. After which his location was traced out to be at New Delhi Railway Station, from where he boarded a train and reached to Rohtak, Haryana. The team also reached Rohtak following the accused but he could not be traced out. Finally, after some time his location came out to be at Mangolpuri Industrial area and immediately the team nabbed him from there. The team succeeded in capturing the accused after a long chase of about 250 km," the police informed.
During the sustained interrogations, Sahni revealed that he was an alcohol addicted whose wife had left him.
"Few days back he came to Mangolpuri in search of work and met Suresh who kept him in his house and also got a work for him. On August 9, he came home early and for this Suresh got angry used abusive words against him and asked him to leave his house, which incurred a feeling of revenge into his mind. But after apologizing, Suresh allowed him to stay at his house," the police said quoting the accused.
Sahni also disclosed that both of them consumed alcohol in the night after which Suresh fell asleep and he hit him with hammer and then also tood a selfie and shot video with the dead body. He said that he had also stole his mobile, documents and cash and escaped from the place. (ANI)