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Man who duped women of money by promising high returns held: Delhi Police

ANI | Updated: Sep 24, 2022 23:41 IST

New Delhi [India], September 24 (ANI): A person missing for two years was arrested for duping women by luring them with huge returns on investment, the police informed on Saturday.
A complaint was filed at the Cyber Police Station Rohini. The complainant had alleged that the accused had taken Rs 10 lakh from her with the promise of higher investment, and had stopped taking her calls since then.
The police informed ANI that they began investigation with the help of technical analysis.
"After the case was registered, the police started the investigation. On the basis of technical analysis, one suspect residing in Haridwar was zeroed on who was frequently changing his location. By the time, the police targeted his location, he had already shifted to a different location in Himachal Pradesh. On further analysis, his location was traced down in Nagrota Bagwan in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh," the police said.
The police also said that after the whole investigation, the accused was apprehended in the Kir Chamba village in Himachal Pradesh.
"Accordingly, a raid was conducted at the Kir Chamba village, Nagrota Bagwan in district Kangra of Himachal Pradesh where the accused was apprehended. On interrogation, the accused revealed his identity as Parveen, who was a resident of Haryana. Other than him, 14 ATM and debit cards, one chequebook, four mobile phones, six SIM cards and one laptop were recovered by the police," the police further said.
The police also said that during the investigations, it was found that the parents of the accused had lodged his missing complaint about two years ago at Kanjhawala Police Station in Delhi.

Earlier in the complaint, the complainant had said that she had received a friend request from the accused person on her Facebook account and she started chatting with him.
As per the complainant, the accused introduced himself Grade-1 officer in Delhi Metro who was also investing in the share market. The accused started luring her into a lavish lifestyle like his and asked her to invest in the share market to gain high returns.
"She was initially asked to invest Rs 25,000, with the promise of the amount getting doubled. She received the promised amount. Next time, she was again asked to invest Rs 50,000 with the promise of the amount getting doubled, and this time too she received the promised amount," the complaint said.
"After this, she was again asked to invest in a scheme with a minimum investment of Rs 10 lakhs. She deposited more than 15 lakhs rupees in multiple accounts given by the accused. After a few days of depositing, the accused stopped giving response to her calls and never gave any further return on her investment," the complaint stated further.
The police said that during the interrogation, the accused disclosed that he had got the idea of cheating from YouTube.
"He used to cheat innocent persons on the pretext of a high return on investment. He also created a fake Facebook ID to trap gullible women and used it to target ladies the age of 35 years and above. The accused used to copy photos and videos from Instagram and upload it on his own Facebook account to present his luxury lifestyle, looking at which the gullible victims used to fall for his trap," the police said.
"Initially he would start chatting with the person to gain their trust. He will ask them to invest money and will also provide them with the return initially. Once the victim invested a huge amount, he would just stop receiving calls," the police further said. (ANI)