Food delivery executive Meghana Das (Photo/ANI)
Food delivery executive Meghana Das (Photo/ANI)

Mangaluru City Corporation Polls: Food delivery woman contesting on Congress ticket

ANI | Updated: Nov 10, 2019 14:56 IST

Mangaluru (Karnataka) [India], Nov 10 (ANI): Meghana Das, who is working as a food delivery executive in Zomato, is now contesting Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) polls on Congress ticket.
Das is contesting from the Mannagudda ward. She said she started her career in Bengaluru and used to work with the Hewlett Packard company.
Later she moved to Dubai and started working there, but due to some personal reasons, she had to come back to India.
"When I came back to India, I tried looking for a job, but in Mangaluru finding a job with a salary of over Rs 15,000 is a difficult task so I joined Zomato as a food delivery executive," Das told ANI.
She further asserted that after facing some difficulties while working as a delivery woman, a friend of hers who is working with the party, took her to a senior member of the party to discuss these issue.
"While delivering food I had fallen off due to bad roads and there are safety issues as well," said Das.
"After listening to my issue, the senior member suggested me to contest the MCC election. I eventually got a ticket as well, though I never expected to get one. I was convinced that since I travel a lot every day and know the problems closely, I can serve the people," she added.
Meghna has been working with Zomato for around nine to twelve months now.
"If by god's grace the voters support me and allow me to win, I'd focus more on the betterment of roads, the safety of women, drainage facilities, water problems. I have seen a lot of problems in my ward and I want the best for it," said Das. (ANI)