Green Warriors planting saplings
Green Warriors planting saplings

Mangaluru green warriors strive to make city greener

ANI | Updated: Jun 09, 2019 19:35 IST

Mangaluru (Karnataka), June 9 (ANI): With an aim to bring down the rising temperature and to tackle acute water scarcity, Hani HR, a 7th grade student, along with her team of 'Green Warriors', has launched a mission to plant saplings in and around Mangaluru city.
The team consisting of 40 members has been working towards a mission to increase the tree cover in the city.
Speaking to ANI, Hani said, "In order to reduce global warming effects, Green Warriors are trying to spread awareness in the society that everyone should plant at least one sapling in their house. We started this initiative three years ago. We used to visit our neighbours with charts and explain to them the aim of our initiative."
"Initially we used to buy saplings with our pocket money but gradually our parents also joined the Green Warriors team. Now they also take care to buy and plant saplings regularly," she added.
The Green Warriors have planted more than 200 saplings till date. (ANI)