Marine Commando Amit Singh Rana
 Marine Commando Amit Singh Rana

Marine Commando Amit Singh Rana gets Shaurya Chakra, five other Navy personnel to get Nao Sena Medal

ANI | Updated: Aug 15, 2019 00:18 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug 15 (ANI): Six Navy personnel have been awarded gallantry awards including a Shaurya Chakra for Marine Commando Amit Singh Rana for his role in two operations in Jammu and Kashmir in which eight terrorists were killed.
In two, back to back operations, Op Danna and Shok Baba where eight foreign terrorists were eliminated, Amit Singh Rana had performed exceptionally well.
"During the deployment for OP Raksak in J&K, the sailor had participated in multiple operations. During two such operations, viz., OP Shok Baba and OP Danna, he displayed exemplary courage, tactical acumen, and gallantry of a very high order and played a vital role in neutralising the terrorists. The sailor was instrumental in placing demolition charges under heavy fire from the terrorists which led to their successful elimination," his citation reads.
Five other persons have also been awarded the Nao Sena Medal for Gallantry.
Captain Naveen Thapa, as the Captain of Aircraft of Seaking 42 C, on January 25, displayed exceptional courage in saving the lives of five Indian Coast Guard officers (including one woman officer) and one Indian Army Jawan in the face of extremely rough sea conditions, perilous weather in the pitch dark night conditions after their Seabird class sailing boat had capsized.
Lt Cdr Ruchir Rakesh Khajuria was the Officer-in-Charge of the team which undertook 'Operation Shok Baba' which resulted in the neutralisation of five hardcore terrorists. He tactically organised his team to provide effective fire on terrorists and also did not let them break cordon and escape. The Officer ensured multidirectional aimed fire at the hiding terrorists to keep them contained.
Takhellambam Rakhesh Singh was part of MARCOS team deployed for 'Op Rakshak' in J & K from May 24, 18 to November 29, 18. On September 20-21, 2018, he was part of the assault team that killed five hardcore terrorists in a daring assault at Shok Baba Forest, Bandipore.
"During Op Shok Baba, TR Singh eliminated one terrorist at a short-range under cover fire by his buddy. He was also instrumental in placing the demolition charge to neutralise the terrorists hiding in the cowshed," his citation reads.
Shaminder Singh was also the part of the team which undertook in 'Operation Shok Baba.' (ANI)