Meet the first man to explore Mount Agung volcano in Bali

ANI | Updated: Jan 25, 2018 07:31 IST

Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) [India], Jan 25 (ANI): Sai Teja Peddineni from Hyderabad has become the first man to explore Mount Agung volcano in Bali, Indonesia.

Talking extensively about his passion to do something different in his life, Sai said, he had a dream of being a volcano explorer.

Sai told ANI, "I always wanted to be something different in my life and there started the dream of being a volcano explorer, which is the toughest sport. Coming to reaching the Gungagung, I want to be the first man that too an Indian who explored this volcano after the magma eruption in November 2017 and red alert was announced."

He further gave a detailed explanation of the arrangements he had to do in his attempt to achieve the target.

"I went to Bali 10days before and checked the weather conditions over there and made arrangements to go on to the Gungagung. Coming to the challenges I faced during exploring Gungagung, there was heavy rainfall and fog would be most of the time and I couldn't see anything around me. There was an even flood which was the mixture of concrete and it was hard for me to get out of it as I may die if I get stuck in it. Apart from this, the ground was slippery and I couldn't hold anything as the trees were burnt by lava. But at that time I thought of mother and sister and got out of it," added Sai.

Sai further said that his next plan is to explore Mount Erebus in Antarctica and then to do lava dive.

Earlier in 2017, Sai Teja Peddineni visited the Dukono volcano in Indonesia. (ANI)