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Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Photo/ANI)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Photo/ANI)

Meghalaya becoming attractive destination for world: PM Modi

ANI | Updated: Jan 21, 2022 13:45 IST

New Delhi [India], January 21(ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that Meghalaya is becoming an attractive destination for the country and the world.
While virtually addressing the people of Meghalaya on the occasion of their 50th Statehood Day, PM Modi said, "Over the past 50 years, the people of Meghalaya have cemented their identity of being close to nature. To see the beautiful waterfalls, to experience the clean and serene environment, to connect with your unique tradition, Meghalaya is becoming an attractive destination for the country and the world."
The Prime Minister also said that the state has given the message of nature and progress, conservation and eco-sustainability to the world.
"I have had the privilege of visiting Meghalaya several times when you gave me the opportunity to serve as the Prime Minister for the first time, then I came to Shillong to participate in the North Eastern Meet. It was an unforgettable occasion for me to reach Shillong after three to four decades as a Prime Minister to participate in this event. Our brothers and sisters from Khasi, Garo, and Jaintia communities deserve special appreciation for this," said PM Modi.
He further said that the Central Government has worked for the development of the state.
"Meghalaya is full of talent. In the last seven years, the Central Government has sincerely tried to accelerate the development journey of Meghalaya. The central government is fully committed specially to ensure better road, rail and air connectivity in the state," he said.
He further said that Meghalaya has achieved a lot, but it still has a lot to achieve.
"Apart from tourism and organic farming, efforts are also necessary for the development of new sectors in Meghalaya. I am with you for all your efforts," he added.
Under the North-Eastern Areas (Re-organisation) Act, 1971, Tripura, Manipur and Meghalaya attained statehood on January 21, 1972. (ANI)