Former IMA president Dr KK Agarwal speaking to ANI in New Delhi on Friday.       Photo/ANI
Former IMA president Dr KK Agarwal speaking to ANI in New Delhi on Friday. Photo/ANI

Mild-cases of COVID-19 should be home quarantined to address health staff crunch: Former IMA chief

ANI | Updated: Apr 17, 2020 22:14 IST

New Delhi [India], April 17 (ANI): Former national
president of Indian Medical Association (IMA) Dr KK Agarwal on Friday said that in order to avoid the scarcity of medical staff in the hospitals, mild-cases need to be home quarantined and healthcare workers should only be involved in treating serious patients.
Speaking to ANI, Dr Agarwal said that India needs to change its policy right now. "Mild-cases need be home quarantined and police personnel should be deployed outside their homes," he said.
"Use health care workers only for those people who are very serious or who are in ICU. Don't involve health care workers in treating mild cases of coronavirus," he added.
Speaking about the violence taking place against medical professionals across the country, Dr Agarwal said that at this time, the Government of India needs to expedite the Act that they were talking about to bring to check the violence against medical professionals.
"At this time, medical professions don't want to fight in any way. It is, however, necessary that the public, media and the government should support medical professionals, who are working on the frontline against COVID-19," he added.

Speaking about plasma therapy, Dr Agarwal said that it is an ancient philosophy. It is used whenever an epidemic occurs and there is no treatment. It was used during the time of Ebola, SARS, H1N1, Spanish Flu.
"A person can donate up to 500ml of plasma and by injecting plasma, lives of around two to three people can be saved. This therapy is needed at this time," he added.
He further said that rapid testing is being conducted in foreign countries on a large scale. India has ordered rapid testing kits but its reliability should be thoroughly checked by India.
"China has sent rapid testing kits in some countries which are not effective. In such a case, rapid testing kits should be tested properly. The UK repeated such a mistake. The Indian government will have to take care of this," he added.
Dr Agarwal also suggested some tips to resolve the problem of shortage of PPE kits.
"India is facing a shortage of PPE kits. So in such a situation, patients should be home quarantined in which doctors and nurses would not be involved. That is how we can minimise the usage of PPE kits," said Dr Agarwal.
"Minimum medical staff should visit the patient. Only one doctor should visit a patient. This will also help in minimal use of PPE kits," he added. (ANI)