Former diplomats Ashok Sajjanhar (left) and Sheel Kant Sharma (right) speaking to ANI on Monday in New Delhi. Photo/ANI
Former diplomats Ashok Sajjanhar (left) and Sheel Kant Sharma (right) speaking to ANI on Monday in New Delhi. Photo/ANI

Modi's US visit 'unprecedented', a 'high point in Indian diplomacy': Former Indian diplomats

ANI | Updated: Sep 16, 2019 17:49 IST

New Delhi [India], Sept 16 (ANI): Terming it as 'unprecedented', two former Indian diplomats on Monday expressed great hope and excitement ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the United States and his address at the United Nations.
"I am sure that this will be a successful visit and Prime Minister Modi's address to the UN General Assembly is going to be inspiring and motivating," said former diplomat Ashok Sajjanhar.
Sajjanhar also described the event in Houston 'Howdy Modi!', where the Prime Minister will address 50,000 people, as 'unprecedented' and 'spectacular'.
"Another important event is the Prime Minister's address at Houston. The most significant part is that Mr Trump will also share the stage with Prime Minister Modi so this is going to be something unprecedented and this is going to be something spectacular," Sajjanhar stated.
"I think this address of President Trump on the same platform with Modi is going to further cement bilateral relations and give it greater energy," he added.
Speaking about Imran Khan's meeting with Donald Trump, the diplomat said that it will be a routine meeting and it is unlikely to generate any traction at the international level.
Echoing similar sentiments, another former diplomat Sheel Kant Sharma termed the upcoming visit of PM Modi as a 'high point for Indian diplomacy'.
"No doubt it is the high point of Indian diplomacy that President Trump will be attending Narendra Modi's Houston event termed as 'Howdy Modi'. His meeting with 50,000 Indian-Americans with Modi has far-reaching significance," Sharma said.
"It implies American recognition of India's status and it affirms the bond between India and America. This can only happen between democratic countries -- the US as the oldest democracy and India as the largest democracy."
Sharma further stated that the event at Houston is a part of Prime Minister's policy on engaging with the Indian diaspora and said that his resonance with them is also being recognised by other countries of the world. (ANI)