Visual from Rupsi cleaning and hygiene product factory (Photo/ANI)
Visual from Rupsi cleaning and hygiene product factory (Photo/ANI)

Moradabad's cleaning and hygiene industry suffers due to unavailability of labourers

ANI | Updated: May 29, 2020 12:14 IST

Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh) [India], May 29 (ANI): With lack of labourers available, Moradabad's cleaning and hygiene industry is bearing the brunt as the factory owners are unable to meet the market demand with a limited number of workers.
The cleaning and hygiene industry commenced its work amid the lockdown but labourers are unavailable to meet the supply and demand of the products. Due to this, only a few machines have been made operational at the factories here.
The situation is such that some factory owners are forced to indulge themselves at work along with their family members. However, the industry is unable to meet the demand in the market and they are only supplying limited products.
Such is the condition of Moradabd's Rupsi cleaning and hygiene product manufacturing factory where only seven to eight labourers used to work. They used to handle all the work ranging from refilling to levelling and supplying the products to the market.

However, due to the unavailability of the labourers, the owner of this factory, Tarun Katyal has asked his two sons and other family members to help at work.
"Labourers have left the work amid lockdown so we are doing everything on our own along with our family members. We are incurring losses but we are trying to work with our family members only at this moment and we are supplying whatever we are producing with a limited number of people," said Tarun.
"We are waiting for the labourers, we are also seeking for local labourers. The demand has increased during the lockdown," he added.
Tarun and his family members are engaged in the refilling and labelling of all the products including toilet cleaner, dishwashing liquid etc.
"I am a third year, BA student. I am unable to study amid the lockdown. We are helping our father. I take online classes in the morning and work here during rest of the day," said Sanchay Katyal, Tarun's son. (ANI)