Women crossing the river stream through the make-shift rope bridge (Photo/ANI)
Women crossing the river stream through the make-shift rope bridge (Photo/ANI)

MP: Villagers forced to cross river stream with help of ropes

ANI | Updated: Jul 15, 2019 09:20 IST

Devas (Madhya Pradesh) [India], July 14 (ANI): The villagers in Sonkach Tehsil confront danger on a daily basis as they are forced to use a makeshift bridge made of ropes to reach their farms for work.
Men, women and even children are forced to cross the stream through the ropes as it is the only way the villagers can reach their farms and start their work for the day.
According to the villagers, the water level has risen ever since a dam was constructed in the nearby area. Heavy rains in monsoon have further compounded the problem.
The stream goes on to join Kalisindh, the area's largest river.
A villager, Ram Singh said, "The ropes are the only way through which we can go to work, fetch food items and other articles."
"Those who cannot swim are not allowed to cross the stream at night," added Ram.
There have also been incidents of villagers falling down into the stream while crossing it. Ram Singh once injured his shoulder after he fell down from ropes at night.
"Ever since the dam has been constructed, the water level has risen. Earlier, anybody could cross as the water barely touched our knees", said Sugandhbai, another villager.
The 60-year-old Sugandhbai is also compelled to use the dangerous makeshift bridge to cross the stream to go for work every day.
Villagers are claiming that they have written multiple complaints to their elected representatives but to no avail. Devas constituency is represented by Public Works Department minister Sajjan Singh Verma. The Tehsildar of Sonkach G.S Patel was present at the site, discussing the issue with the villagers. Upon being asked about what steps the administration is taking to address the situation he said, "We are surveying the area and after that, we will determine our next course of action."
"We have also asked the gram panchayat for a proposal which will be forwarded to the district collector for further examination," he further added. (ANI)