Caption : Two BJP MP's fight at Belgaum on Tuesday
Caption : Two BJP MP's fight at Belgaum on Tuesday

MP's indulge in heated argument over missing name on invite

ANI | Updated: Dec 25, 2018 23:29 IST

Belgaum (Karnataka) [India], Dec 25 (ANI): Two Members of Parliament (MP) of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had a heated public argument after the name of one of them was found missing on the invitation of a Railway bridge inauguration ceremony, here on Tuesday.
MP's Prabhakar Kore and Suresh Angadi of BJP were caught arguing in public after Kore's name was left out from the invitation of a railway bridge inauguration.
The verbal exchange took place when Suresh Angadi walked up to Kore to convince him to get on to the stage, while later insisted against it.
Angadi then shouted at him saying, "Do you have common sense? You are a senior member. Don't do this way."
On which Kore replied to him to not to 'boss around'.
The whole incident was also caught on camera.(ANI)