Mrs Mathrubootham is here

ANI | Updated: Oct 20, 2017 13:05 IST

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], Oct. 20 (ANI): Mr Mathrubootham has been writing in the Hindu and he says it is all going viral. I was really scared that some mind disease or something it is. Then he said, "ayyo paithiyam or what you are?" Means mad or what. He says Hindu is publishing all letters he writes and people are loving it. So I read off the letters. Ayyo, people have too much time in this country listening to this old man and his chumma rantings about politics and my friends. Hindu has enough reading material in its pages for four people to read at same time, No? Why this letter by Mr M then?

I told him, so what, I too will write. He laughed ma! He is thinking like I am only some Mylapore maami interested in Kutcheris and buying steel vessels and saris. I tried to reason with him that you can stop this letter writing and revert to reading newspaper and cursing news channels from armchair like most men do in our country. But no, he has made me laughing stock and all. So I will reply through viral world only. It's called web news no?

Okay admittedly this won't be read by intelligent people who read Hindu but so what no. If only choosy people mattered then why for NDTV ratings are poor? People prefer shouty shouty news. Like why more Indians know about shrieky Bollywood singers instead of Vedavalli or Bombay Jayshree? Shee! pavam I tell you. People only see sarees that women singers wear. For men singers hall is full with Kanchi saree wearing, diamond shining ladies. In that I agree with Mr M, we women are women's enemies only.

The other day, Mr Mathrubootham said to me, "shall we buy flat screen TV?" Now simply at all he wants to spend money on object which makes him more angry every day and then he will write one more letter to editor. What purpose? This is not okay that is not okay. Why he cannot be more accepting like Thyagaja Sir next door I don't know. Mr T told me other day, GST is good for country. We will become like Malaysia and Singapore. After some time like America. I said okay. Why the husband can't accept it like me? He doesn't want us to become like modern countries aa? We have to remain like this only, always stand in line for everything. But this GST is very confusing. And because it is confusing I say leave it. Why break head? Give money to Mr. Jaitley. He needs it. Anyway when government says give you have to give only no?

Then this Mathrubootham is getting annoyed everyday about Aadhar card. Electrician comes for repairs and asks payment, Mr M says you want Aadhar card or what? Now poor man says Illay Sir, I'm not asking no. But husband goes on ranting, take take, I will you copy of aadhar otherwise your CA will ask where is GST on this 20 rupees I'm giving you Sambashiva?! That electrician ran from the house like Yogi ran from Kerala I tell you.

I have given Mathrubootham ultimatum, if he goes on like this making fun of my thayirsaadam in the Hindu, I will go to Bengaluru to my sister's house. He can sit in front of his TV with the son and go on shouting shouting. As if Sasikala can hear him from her SUV no? But I want to know, now that she is in jail, who got that large diamond on her mugku? One T Nagar jewellery shop chukkar is warranted I think. Just looking, no buying. But Mr M's blood pressure will soar. Best to tell him only after I buy. And put in locker. Hopefully in November 1st week there will be no new idea of central government of going and checking lockers. Okay poitvarein. (ANI)