Mumbai Police / Uttar Pradesh Police
Mumbai Police / Uttar Pradesh Police

Mumbai, UP Police rule Twitter on Friendship Day

ANI | Updated: Aug 04, 2019 13:51 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug 4 (ANI): On International Friendship Day, the police in Mumbai and Uttar Pradesh have come up with humourous posts to drive the point of road safety across.
With 4.76 million followers, Mumbai Police is, by far one of the most popular on the micro-blogging website given its witty tweets. Writing about Mumbai rains, Mumbai Police tweeted, "Real friendship is sticking through the rainy days! Mumbai, for you, we'd always do it all over again."

The picture accompanying the tweet is a collage of photos features policemen helping residents as the city has been battered by heavy downpour of late, disrupting normal life.
Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh Police with 703K followers posted two photos stressing on the basic traffic rules, often flouted by citizens. They advised people to always wear seat belts and wear helmets as it is a friendship to cherish.
The witty tweet posted by Uttar Pradesh Police with two pictures, reads, "A friendship for keeps! #FriendshipDay #FriendshipDay2019 #HappyFriendshipDay2019."

The history of World Friendship Day or the International Day of friendship dates back to 1958 and people have since then followed the trail of enjoying and dedicating the day to their dearest friends!

Over time, films, social media, and elevating career aspirations have constantly modified the term 'friendship' and also how once views it. While some might say that although friends stay forever, a day gives them a special way to thank or honour their connection, but for some, the day can be just like the rest. (ANI)