Dattatreya Hosabale
Dattatreya Hosabale

Muslims spreading Corona virus is a "perception", not a "reality": RSS

ANI | Updated: May 07, 2020 01:30 IST

New Delhi (India), May 7 (ANI): Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) said on Wednesday that Muslims are "part and parcel" of our society and emphasised that allegations against the community that it was spreading the coronavirus in the country is a "perception" and is not a "reality".
In an interaction with the foreign media, RSS senior functionary Dattatreya Hosabale said the entire community should not be blamed for a fault of a "few" and stated that perception being created is "unfortunate" because Muslims in India and their welfare is well-taken care by the government and the society.
"On behalf of RSS, Sarsanghachalak Mohan Bhagwatji in his address to the nation last week has already clearly said that an entire community should not be blamed for a fault of a few. Blaming everyone is not in the right spirit. The virus should be fought together. If somebody is creating that perception, it is due to shortsightedness and this is unacceptable. The present challenge is for all and solution should also be by all," said Hosabale in response to a query.
He said that the Muslims being blamed for coronavirus spread in the country is a perception which is not reality.
"We should not generalise any unfortunate incidents. Muslims in India and their welfare is well-taken care by the government and the society," he said adding that when RSS talks about 130 crore Indians there is no discrimination on religion.
"The perception being created is unfortunate which we in RSS like to say is not true," he said.
To a question that RSS was serving during COVID-19 to endorse the decisions of the government, Hosabale said that the present situation is a challenge to be addressed by government and society together.
"It is not just the task of government alone. This is why I said that it was in such a crisis that both the society and the government stood up and acted together. In a post-corona world too we have to work together and not depend on the govt alone," he said.
Asked as to what was the RSS doing to make Muslims who are feeling insecure since BJP came to power in 2014 feel secure, Hosabale asked that concern for any section is welcome but why is only one section of the society being highlighted?

"Government measures do not discriminate against anyone. Schemes like Jandhan and Ujjwalla have reached the poorest of the poor among Muslims too. Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have a large number of Muslims and they have benefited from these schemes. Muslim are in top positions in the country and have become Chief Ministers, Presidents and are also part of our entertainment industry. They can stand for elections like any others," he said.
The senior RSS functionary, citing various examples, said that Muslims are part and parcel of Indian society and the services rendered during Corona is a testimony of how Hindu society is taking care of Muslims.
Asked about role of China in the spread of the coronavirus Pandemic, Hosabale said that when there is a global crisis of this magnitude, it is for the international community to probe or fix the responsibility.
"Organisations like RSS cannot dictate much on such measures. Whether it is man-made or not is premature and we cannot comment on it. In such a situation it is in the interest of humanity that the origin of the virus needs to be known not to blame anyone but to prepare better for the future," he said.
Asked as to how is India gearing up to fill the void left by companies leaving China Hosabale said that Indian government has taken several initiatives to attract such companies and stressed that India should stand on its own feet as a manufacturing and agricultural hub.
"In the modern world, no country can close its doors to the outside world but what we need are adaptability and universalism. It is in this direction that Human resources of India is an advantage," he said.
Hosabale said that humanity was facing an unprecedented situation and was passing through a critical time due to COVID-19 outbreak.
"The whole world is grappling with an unprecedented situation and enemy of all is irrespective of the status of the human being, irrespective of their language and creed, the nationality, their educational background or any race or community. The coronavirus is the enemy for all human beings. That's why the fight also has to be on this basis that we should not have any discrimination," he said.
He said India's fight against corona has been unique and the role played by Indian society has been was exemplary. (ANI)