Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu addressing a press conference in Amaravati on Thursday.
Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu addressing a press conference in Amaravati on Thursday.

Naidu demands election commission to initiate prosecution in data theft case

ANI | Updated: Mar 07, 2019 19:53 IST

Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh) [India], Mar 7 (ANI): Chandrababu Naidu on Thursday said he has demanded the Election Commission to initiate prosecution in the data theft case after a complaint was received against TDP for allegedly using the people’s data illegally through ‘Sevamitra App’ to advance the party’s electoral prospects for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. 
“What we have demanded to election commission is to initiate prosecution, it is criminal in nature. They are violating all norms, in the act, there is a punishment and there is a conviction too. It is a big cry so I am requesting them to take action immediately, all 8 lakh forms are with you. We have filed that forms with responsibility where it is originated and from where it is behind,” Naidu said.
Addressing a press conference, TDP chief Naidu said: “Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) is supporting YSR Congress Party (YSRCP). The Centre and Telangana government are terrorising people in Andhra. Telangana government is filing false cases on our data. Our data is being stolen and shared with YSRCP. They are now filing cases against our government.”
“YSRCP’s Jagan himself admitted that they applied form 7, for removal of votes. Then he went to Delhi and complained against us for removing the votes. We will appeal to election commission for the examination of electoral rolls,” he added.
The Chief Minister underlined, “TDP is the only party that is maintaining party workers' data, for their welfare. I am here to protect my data even we are very clear that we are having 65 lakh cadre, all our cadre has the app to servicing and educating of the cadres.”
“They have theft my party data and they dismantle my service provider, it is very clear that it is a designed plan. They want to steal data and give it to the opposition party because they are very weak. At the same time, they are blaming government data, who are you to interfere with the government data,” he asked.
Launching attack on BJP-led government at the Centre, Naidu said, “Sometimes, we are giving insurances to cadres. So who are you to dismantle my data? It is a serious crime. Anyway, the government did not get anything, even individual properties they are attacking. Even the Indian government is threatening people to not to contest.”
Asked about the threats by the Centre, he said, “We are getting so many threats. Today, one more raid is going on. Up to the time we support the government (BJP), we were clean and honest. Today, everybody is corrupt and is involved in the irregularities. So what is this, is this democracy?”
Naidu had earlier targeted the Telangana government and said, “When the asset is in Andhra Pradesh, how can a theft case be filed in Telangana? How can cases be registered in Telangana against those who work for TDP in Andhra Pradesh?"
Highlighting the success of Andhra Pradesh, the Chief Minister said, “Our journey after bifurcation started with many problems. The Centre has betrayed the state regarding bifurcation promises. Three parties - BJP, TRS and YSRCP are conspiring against us and are creating hurdles at every juncture. Despite all odds, we are recording good numbers in development.”
“In the last five years, we have achieved 10.82 per cent development on average. Andhra Pradesh is the only state that has achieved a double-digit growth rate for four consecutive years. The state has surpassed three years record of Gujarat,” he emphasised.
Earlier on Sunday, after the Hyderabad Police raided the office of the mobile app developer, which had developed Sevamitra App Naidu had claimed that this was done after YSRCP leader Vijay Sai Reddy had complained. He had also accused the opposition of stealing data. (ANI)