Dr. Manmohan Singh
Dr. Manmohan Singh

Nation sans well-functioning institutions bound to fail: Manmohan Singh

ANI | Updated: Nov 24, 2018 20:26 IST

New Delhi [India], Nov 24 (ANI): Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday said that "well-functioning institutions" of governance were not only a necessity to maintain peace and harmony but also to ensure that the nation did not fail.
"The well-functioning institutions of governance are a necessary condition to maintain peace and harmony. Unfortunately, the integrity of major institutions faces many challenges. The deterioration of the institutions adversely affects the functioning of various organs of the state and erodes their credibility. Such a situation can create chaos in society, economy, and polity. A nation without well-functioning institutions is bound to fail," he said.
The former prime minister was speaking at the concluding ceremony of the two-day national conference on "Towards Peace, Harmony and Happiness: Transition to Transformation" organized by Pranab Mukherjee Foundation along with the Centre for Research for Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID), a Chandigarh-based think-tank.
Speaking on the impact of religion and community on happiness, the former prime minister said, "In a multi-religious society, communal harmony is very important for citizens to lead a life free from fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. Attempts at communal polarization create an atmosphere of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. There are various types of economic and non-economic factors, which give rise to fears, anxieties, and uncertainties."
"Unfortunately, the use of religion, caste and other such factors by the political parties to advance their political interests and capture power can create an atmosphere of hate and division among religious and caste groups," he added.
Singh also said that is the responsibility of the political and religious leaders, civil society, intelligentsia, and the media to uphold the Constitution and the integrity of institution which is a prerequisite to maintaining the secular character of all the institutions - the judiciary, executive and legislatures.
"If we wish that India remains livable for our future generations then transition to transformation would have to be equitable, peaceful and harmonious," Singh concluded. (ANI)