At the Nesco COVID-19 centre in Goregaon, Mumbai. (Photo/ANI)
At the Nesco COVID-19 centre in Goregaon, Mumbai. (Photo/ANI)

Navratri spirit wins over COVID; patients, doctors show their festive moves

ANI | Updated: Oct 20, 2020 08:29 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], October 20 (ANI): This Navratri, Mumbai's Goregaon witnessed a unique garba. Neither the women were in traditional chania choli, not men in dhoti kurta.
Some, of course, were in PPE kits amid the dangers of the novel coronavirus looming large. They were the healthcare professionals of the Nesco COVID-19 centre in Goregaon who performed garba with patients to boost their morale on Monday.
In a video on social media, they were seen performing the dance moves in a big circle inside the COVID ward.

Another hear-warming video that went viral showed a PPE-clad doctor in Assam grooving to the steps of a Bollywood song to cheer up the COVID-19 patients yesterday.
Dr Arup Senapati, an ENT surgeon at Silchar Medical College in Assam, displayed some great dancing skills to the Bollywood number ghungroo from the film War, which even left its hero Hrithik Roshan awestruck.
The video of the PPE-clad doctor making out-of-the-world moves was shared by his colleague Dr Syde Faizan Ahmad on Twitter.
Hrithik shared the video, praising the doctor for his "terrific spirit". (ANI)