Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh
Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh

Navy Chief instructs force to bring more equality in force

ANI | Updated: Jun 04, 2019 22:47 IST

New Delhi (India), Jun 4 (ANI) Within four days of taking over as new Navy Chief, Admiral Karambir Singh has issued guidelines to his force asking it to imbibe contemporary social and ceremonial practices for optimum utilisation of resources and manpower.
Seeking to bring in more synergy between officers and jawans, the Navy chief who took over on May 31 said during official ceremonies, same drinks, eats and cutlery should be provided to personnel of all ranks present there.
Typically, in official functions, it is observed that the eats and drinks for VIPs and jawans are different.
The Navy Chief also asked the force to encourage their juniors to be disciplined but said that they should not be made to be "subservient".
In line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's instructions, the Navy Chief asked the officials that during official functions, bouquets should not be presented.
The Navy Chief also barred clapping or cheering while applauding professional points during discussions and presentations.
In a bid to maintain the operational sanctity, the Navy Chief has asked officers to avoid the use of carpets and flower pots on warships.
The Navy Chief also stated that there was no need to provide multiple or standby cars during his official visits outside the national capital and mandated that only senior sailors be deputed for liaison duties.
The Chief has asked the force to avoid garlanding or showering of petals on senior officers during official functions.
He has also asked officials to stop providing sailors to open car doors or doors for VIPs during functions until the officers are in dress no 2 with swords. (ANI)