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NCB seizes 54 kg high-grade ganja on Solapur-Pune highway (photo/ANI)
NCB seizes 54 kg high-grade ganja on Solapur-Pune highway (photo/ANI)

NCB seizes 54 kg of high-grade ganja on Solapur-Pune highway, 2 arrested

ANI | Updated: Jul 01, 2022 15:23 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], July 1 (ANI): The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on Thursday seized 54 kilograms of high-grade ganja on the Solapur-Pune highway and arrested two drug peddlers, officials informed on Friday.
The seized contraband is worth approximately Rs 85 lakhs. It was sourced from Ganjam, Odisha, and was destined for further distribution to peddlers in Mumbai, Surat and other adjoining areas, according to NCB officials.
NCB was actively working on an input wherein an inter-state syndicate was conspiring to supply high-quality Ganja into the city. The syndicate had planned the urgent supply for replenishment to the local drug peddlers due to recent enforcement activities leading to a number of successful seizures by the agencies.
Accordingly, the intelligence network was heightened to track down the operating module. Thereafter, the input was further developed and specific input was analyzed pertaining to the schedule and other details about the transportation of the drug, the NCB said.
To this effect, an operational team was set out at the Solapur-Pune highway which was informed to be the route for transportation of the drugs. In due time after constant tracking, the physical identification of the vehicle with two occupants was ascertained.

During the search of the vehicle, 27 boxes were found concealed in false cavities beneath the rear seat of the vehicle.
"Upon closer examination, the boxes were found to contain a total of 54 kgs of Ganja. To this effect, both the persons were apprehended and the car was seized for questioning," the NCB official said.
The duo revealed that the contraband was meant for supply to local peddlers and both are from Odisha.
The persons were identified to be seasoned traffickers and had supplied contraband in the region many times in the recent past. The duo also disclosed that they had further plans to supply drugs to other areas of Maharashtra and states like Gujarat, Goa, etc.
Further investigation is in progress. (ANI)